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Pennsylvania Counties That Have Seen The Biggest Home Price Increase

Pennsylvania's real estate market has remained hot throughout the past few months, with prices increasing statewide and homes selling in just over a week. While prices have increased in most counties, one northern Pennsylvania county saw a drop of more than 8% over the summer.

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According to Zillow data, the average home price in Pennsylvania is $257,268, up 3.5% from last year. Homes are also going to pending in just 8 days.

We used Zillow data to compare county-by-county price changes from May to August, and found the following:

  • Counties with the biggest increases:
    • Beaver Co: 5.21%
    • Schuylkill Co: 3.93%
    • Sullivan Co: 3.62%
    • Bradford Co: 3.33%
    • Huntingdon Co: 3.25%
  • Counties with the biggest decreases:
    • Cameron Co: -8.17%
    • Cambria Co: -6.97%
    • Clearfield Co: -4.71%
    • McKean Co: -2.99%
    • Snyder Co: -2.43%

The 10 Pennsylvania counties with the highest typical home values as of September 1 are:

  1. Chester County: $511,140.52
  2. Bucks County: $462,927.53
  3. Montgomery County: $440,896.21
  4. Lancaster County: $334,450.61
  5. Delaware County: $325,482.62
  6. Northampton County: $319,081.54
  7. Centre County: $318,721.69
  8. Lehigh County: $312,687.72
  9. Cumberland County: $306,322.60
  10. Butler County: $299,615.31

Chester County also has the largest concentration of high-income earners in the state, with 24.7% of residents earning more than $200,000 per year. The median household income in Chester County is $117,232.